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Mauricio D 'Alessandro's women who are disturbed at the Mirtha Legrand's desk have a "little"


(Video: "Mirtha Legrand Night", The Thirteen)

Table Mirtha Legrand Last Saturday, she invited three women who were actively involved in the Ni una Menos movement: Teté Couustot, Nancy Pazos and Maria O & # 39; Donnell. In addition, he accepted the former tennis player José Luis "Batata" Clerc and a lawyer Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

The lawyer found himself in the center of the dispute during a few minutes of eating, and criticized the guests after confirming that "a little" was "a highly ideological accusation."

There was an intense exchange of views between journalist, lawyer Tete Couustot and Nancy Pazos.

-Maria O & # 39; Donnell: What does "ideology" mean?

-Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro: A vision related to the government "K" has been hidden behind the gender issue. This is exactly like this. It does not happen today.

-Nancy Pazos: Sexuality is related to gender, not political ideology.

-Teté Coustarot: Is it a loss of "Minus One" when it says an ideological accusation? Why do you say?

-O Donnell: The Philarmonic Movement says. There is nothing to do.

-D Alessandro: I say it was a kirchnerist fleet movement. Actually …

-Sustarot: But you do not recognize women who organize it.

-D & # 39; Alessandro: More or less, because they went on a ride and they did not even ride a hundred in the morning.

-Passals: Do you think that any Macrist woman is mobilized by a "little bit"? You are absolutely inaccurate. That was a great deal.

-D & # 39; Alessandro: Yes, but there was an ideological accusation.

-O Donnell: Everything is ideology, "it's political," he says. This police: it affects the public agenda. Of course, women mobilizing against cave slaughter have an ideology of ending patriarchy, a relationship of forces and culture change. Then there is an ideology. Almost all of Kirchnerism's second intention was to put a coat under the bent ideology behind "A little".

-D & # 39; Alessandro: Yes, it was true. Almost 500 actresses …

-O Donnell: But what do you say about what you do?

-D & # 39; Alessandro: Based on a lot of abortions …

-O Donnell: Cristina opposed decriminalization of abortions.

-D & # 39; Alessandro: What to do? I talked to Ni Una Menos, the previous discussion, which is not about Cristina. I confirm that at least I believe it is this new 500 actress was "ideologized" (In the case of Juan Darthés).

The discussion was still on the table of Mirtha Legrand and Alessandro Amalia Granata to try to disrupt his thinking: "He is in favor of the issue of Fard, and pulverized it, Since it's pro-life, it can not be with you … He said: "None of my body was more free than I was, and I was responsible, I kept Robbie Williams Because it appeared to me and to me This does not mean accompanying the termination of pregnancy ideology& # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

But the example did not stop the discussion, but on the contrary. Finally, he was tired and put an end to the topic: "Do not violate me! Because I'm 500, it's already there Sweet potatoes (Clerc), we've come together and make an antiguard. "

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