Tuesday , January 31 2023

Mauricio Macri bets to the growth of the economy, artificial intelligence to achieve Cristina Kirchner's nomination and re-election


Mauricio Macri has already accepted that he is a political Stoic. The head of the high court and the head of Santa Claus in Casa Rosa was Cristina Kirchner's militia officer at the Carlos Rosenkrantz canteen.

Makri believes that the sequence of unforeseen incidents that would have to be resolved before being re-elected in 2019. The president adds a social crisis to the list of specific political events, with distance from Elisa Carrió, radicalism, country risk, and economic depression. Macri said he would renew his mandate in response to uncertainty arising from inflation, rates, unemployment and growth, responds with an expression that is not opposite: "I won the last 18 votes and will be the next winner"says a little smile.

Macri receives daily reports on the country's situation and economic recovery bets to defeat Authorization in the 2019 elections. So far, there is no file to meet the terms of restitution, but the president argues that the statement is beginning to show their social and political consequences by the end of March. Macri, a doctrine that is repeated in Casa Rosada to recruit and encourage troops.

While presidential credentials appear to be a campaign argument, influential government officials are preparing an election strategy to defeat the Peronist candidates appearing in the general elections. CFK is the mobile destination that Macri has chosen to upgrade to Casa Rosada, but the former president who has been punished for certain public corruption cases does not end the strategy.

The government also monitors the possibilities of other Justisialist candidates – Sergio Massa, Miguel Angel Pichetto, Juan Manuel Urtubey and Juan Schiaretti – have come to an assumption that if the CFK is not a candidate and the economic situation improves, these potential candidates of PJ will not receive a newsletter to compete with Macri. And on the contrary, if the economy continues to be red and Cristina plays in the elections, the president will vote for his institutional strength.

Casa Rosa is concerned about the country's risk exposure and calls on France to nominate a candidate for the CFK vice-president, Juan Grabois. Grabois, after supporting Macri in 2015, has a challenging outlet for unwanted voices casting to Peronism, and the country's risk has been hampered by funding the work done through the Public Partnership (PPP). . Without the work to create formal and informal employment, the uncertain transition of power to the unequivocal opposition, if the candidate is Socialist leader Graboisin, is a CFK.

The stoic position of Makri intersects with a strategic decision to use the technology to adjust the election campaign. The Cambiemos campaign team uses great information, artificial intelligence, specific algorithms, research and Regular Life Surveys (EPH) to determine the expectations of Makri's determination to undermine and strengthen their own voice. Computers are working day and night, and the result will fly to the first floor of the Balcarce 50, where Marcos Peña Makri is preparing the election strategy to defeat any change in Peronism.

Deaths between the IMF's regulatory arrangements and the bits that make up the fraudulent ones of Makedh to head with a fair electoral precinct. Artificial intelligence is opposed to the family basket. Open end.

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