Wednesday , February 1 2023

Mika Viciconte celebrated the 40th anniversary of Fabián Cubero


Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero broke his romantic feelings in March 2018. Since then, they announce that they will do things slowly, lovebirds share each special moment and Mika He took a very important step … met the footballer's daughters! Again, however, the photographs of athletes were shown on their social networks and their idyllic connections.

Cubero returned to age 40 and marked them all. It looks clear in photos and videos shared by both him and his partner in Instagram. Indiana, Allegra and Sienna, along with Véles's captain Nicole Neuman, have daughters. "So my birthday, chiquis with Peli," started with Fabian's story.

On the other hand, Former participant of dance He wrote a picture of both of them and wrote: "Happy birthday, love, love, I love you". lace. In addition, part of the night feast shared his pictures with friends and family, where the ornaments were a simulation of the blue and white pigeon Veles form. There were 5 ice cream sticks on his shirt!

Do not forget The wrong panelist He announced that they had been meeting in August 2017, as well as participating in the "Un sol paros los chicos" event. It was very good at that time, but nothing happened. "Two months later, my friend Maypi Delgado (Santiago Ladino and his girlfriend, a former Véles player) invited us to dinner because I thought Fabian was a woman because I did not want to learn anything, and because of my embarrassment, We had our first meeting and a great time, "he explained blonde In an interview with Teleshow.

And he acknowledged: "I'm never too young, but I'm ready to do everything when I'm with someone, and with Fabián we started very light, first of all we were friends and everything was so small. I did not want to have a person, fewer footballers: the photographer does not want to follow me or follow me, but teaches me to relax and enjoy. "

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