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Mirtha Macri's ugly hit


Stating that the country is "very complicated," he said: "We have to get out of this situation, and if Macri wants to vote again, it will have to improve the economy without delay."

Filosa: "The middle class has dropped, there's more poverty and more poverty," Mirtha said.


The history of the anger

La Chiqui draws attention to the harsh economic situation and frequent breakthroughs of the president. In January of this year, he was shouting in the sky to raise the pension reform, inflation and interest rates. "I do not think the President spent a lot of time in the country when it was very difficult, it's not the time," he said.

Mirtha was angry when the president, Chapadmalal, came together with his family in May. "People are very worried, I will not go on vacation, and even prevent the ministers from leaving," he said.

Despite the criticisms of the Cambiemos government and over 100 years of rest, it has been consolidated since the beginning of Macri's administration, and Mirtha is one of her key supporters.


Dissolving Alessandro, Ni Una Menos

Lawyer Mauricio D Alessandro pointed out that Ni Una Menos was a "filo kirchnerista" and went on a strong debate with Mirtha Legrand's night.

All this has been said by Nancy Pazos as "aggressor" by Juan Darthés. "You do not know that you are still raped, and we have no convictions," he argued, adding, "It is true that Ni Una Menos has a high ideological burden." The issue of K is a vision of the government, a philharmonic society it's like it's all over again, "he said.

"When you say that an ideology is not a charge, or A Minus?" You do not recognize women who do this, "Teté Couustot said in anger. "More or less because I went for a walk," the media replied. "Do you think" Macinto "was fired by" Ni una menos "? You are completely wrong, it was massive," Pazos said.

Meanwhile, journalist Marian O Donnell said: "Of course, women who are mobilized against violence, are ideologies to end patriarchy, what you say is that under the ideology of the second intention of Kirchnerism, sitting behind it," What do you say? "" Abortion Based on a lot of things … "he replied. "Cristina Kirchner opposed the decriminalization of abortions at that time," recalled Donnell.

"I confirm that these new 500 actors (Darthés critics) are de-ideologized," he replied. "They have a very special ideology," Donnell said. D Alessandro was tired after a strong ride with the guests and said, "Do not abuse me!" They said.

Fifty years of television, with very little pleasure

This weekend, Mirtha Legrand finished broadcasting in 2018. Because we could not talk to the air, shipment was the 8.3 point most watched day of the day. Despite the slight increase in his ordinary brand, Andy Kusnetzoff could not reach the number of tanks with an average of 12 points.

Mirtha said it was a "perfect" year, but he could not help but agreed that "some of the dimensions of the audience dimensions".

Undoubtedly, the celebration marks its 50th anniversary, but the celebrations have not seen a low level. All this, Mirtha, will return to Mar del Plata on January 5th.


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