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Monotributo 2019: how new categories and how much you pay – 12/22/2018


Until January 21, 2019 monotributistas they must be the ones who have made changes to their invoices or other parameters of framing categorization. Compared to this time, the table published by AFIP should be combined new amounts of annual billing, rentals and monthly payments to be paid.

The current update formula for the Small Taxpayers, which has been set up by the Levels 28.48 percent. Many monotheists are having difficult times staying in the Regime because they are interest rate inflation is considerably superior to inflation this year and it will be around 45%. This will result in many people being expelled from the simplified system and registering in VAT, Income Tax, and Auto-matched scheme.

New tables

Monotributo 2019: How much should you pay.

Monotributo 2019: How much should you pay.

The next classification should be followed Until January 21, 2019Taking into account the new revenue and rent parameters, which will increase by 28.48%.

Also increase monthly payments by the same percentage components tax, social security and social work Must be paid February

Those who do not change their settings will not follow the procedures.

Share of social work component he has had an autonomous correction mechanism to date, and now it is 28.48% has reached 689,10 dollars for individual membership and should be appropriate for each of the family charges.

The value of the unit price of goods for sale lets you get inside Monotributo, 15 thousand dollars. The pension component (pension and social work) must be paid by the lease of property, other pension funds, those under the age of 18, retirees until June and those who continue indefinitely.

Electronic invoice

The AFIP has set up the following table for this mandatory use Electronic invoice or financial supervisor to Monotributistas by category:

* F to K: Electronic invoice already issued

* E: November 1, 2018

* D: December 1, 2018

* C: February 1, 2019

* B: March 1, 2019

* A: April 1, 2019

For transactions with end-users, the commitment may apply to April 1, 2019, regardless of the category you subscribe to Monotax.

Previous changes

The AFIP, after all the changes that occurred in the Simplified Regime based on Law No. 27,346 and 27,430 in recent years, combines the AFIP arrangements with a single resolution (4309), so that all questions are centralized and more simple to handle. Monotributo.

The text covers both Small Taxpayers; As part of the Independent Employment Promotion and Social Development Regime; as well as those in the National Register of Local Economic Development and Social Impacts.

A recent law for tobacco, sugar beet, groundbreaking and tea producers, which has followed the simplified regime to the category "D", includes tax rebates of non-payment of tax component of the monthly payment, the main activity of which is the AFIP for which the pension component to the extent that they carry out their primary activity.

Other amendments as specified in Article 27.430 of the law are effective from June 2018. The most significant changes:

* Unit price of goods, From $ 2.5 to $ 15,000, allowing for a simplified Regime.

* the minimum number of employees last categories requested.

* Except for real estate condominiums, de facto companies can not be retained on Monotype.

* Will be two-year recurrence, instead of three.

* It will be allowed if imports are not included and goods are not exchanged.

* Separate sequences can not last one year after death.

* Companies: Companies included in the Simplified Regime on May 31, 2018 will execute the above-mentioned regime from June 1, 2018. Condoms condoms added to the Simplified Regime on 31 December 2018 will require that the 2018 Constituent May 1, 2018, be adhered to at the head of each of the regimes since June 1, 2018.

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