Monday , February 6 2023

Monumental drink – The Intransigent


Starting Tuesday at around 14.00, tea supporters began grouping to host American campus camps near the Nez stadium. Monumental. In the afternoon, this figure grew well. The fans of all ages united for one reason: I greet all the players for the title that won the city of Boca in Madrid.

At 15.00 the stadium opened its doors to the people Group In hot afternoon on Buenos Aires in the middle of various songs, posters, flags and T-shirts. There are thousands and thousands of supporters of the gratitude to the place.

Mass Walnut Get to the stadium at 5:00. Recall that the club through social networks Group shows how celebrations will be.

In principle, the fireworks will dominate, as well as many surprises that will give a special atmosphere on Sunday afternoon, as well as audiovisual material intended for the LED board and the joy of Müeco and its commanders and the sacredness of the title before all his people.

But it will be more. Gonzalo Martnez playing field defeat, incredible running, ending with a 3-1 defeat against your everlasting opponent, Mouth. On this photo Open Be the protagonist of an exciting night after seeing the red and white shirt last time. The player migrated to the United States, MLS Atlanta United.

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