Wednesday , February 1 2023

Must be "intratables" without Santiago del Moro? Why not


Programs must start and end with drivers; their footprint makes them unique. Del Moro left Infama, another program that followed it, would have to take its place of signing these lines comparisons are dark (if known). For Del Moro there is a very special way and no one is able to stay in a square meter without acting like him. If you imitate him, you look like a copy and you see it in a bad state. Different, you are worse. It's not easy to get someone who's never transpired.

As possible changes will be their deficiencies. If any Paulo Vilouta – It always covers the ones who are old and will fulfill their task for a while – this is flawless, in any case, people are waiting for a game to play against and play in a disputable way everything would go to hell.

Because I replaced it Luis Novaresio We are afraid for your integrity. Always have to say something like saying "I did not say", the rest of it looks like this, does not break, moves to concepts and poor Luis his dialogue would be relaxed and short cut all the penalties in the time of peace. It is not a period for him.

Because I replaced it Diego Brancatelli software within two weeks it would have been a part of the La CámporaWill be filled with flags by Cristina's studio photographs; They will respect life Julio de Vido and Amado Boudou – we will play with the new rock band Bad point– Half of the workers would be in prison.

Because I replaced it Jonatan Viale – After returning to his retirement age, Mauro recently enjoyed the risk of being seen by some, and more. Compatriots The program will be called People.

Because if Diego Leuco When it comes to the program, it is necessary to say that the front will imitate a young style; and here too The "parents" factor can be a recurring risk. This often appears every single one Alfredo Leuco say "very good, changuito," "good charity, changuito," and primetime may all be invited to sing these campechanas phrases.

No one will ever know how Del Moroya can pronounce his famous sentence because "those who pay our taxes are victims and politicians do nothing, they have all sounds"; perhaps the most intelligent editorial in the program.

Because finally, these awards were legitimate and respected for all the fame winning drivers. a style that nobody can discuss. And when we all thought we met the pigeon Mariano Grondonawe applauded it, celebrated it, and believed that a new generation of its leadership believed in freedom, and now the gentleman goes to Telefe to buy anchor in the new red fluids Run with me. But is this not Marley anymore? Anyway …

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