Wednesday , February 8 2023

NASA is preparing to analyze the longest sky object: Ultima Thule


A NASA forecast is now at full speed to fly the longest skyscraper ever learning, A frosted relic from the early days of the solar system called Ultima Thule, a New Year's Day to end.

The unmanned probe, the New Horizons, is scheduled for January 1, at approximately 6.4 billion kilometers, to fly over this spacecraft at a distance of 3500 kilometers.

This is three times closer to the same forecast than the Pluto in 2015. "This is really the most primitive object found by a probe," said Hal Weaver, a scientist in Applied Physics. Johns Hopkins University. Scientists are not convinced of their exact size, but they believe that Pluto is about 100 times smaller than that measured at a diameter of 1500 km.

Ultima Thule is located in the icy area of ​​the place and offers good preservation. "This is really the remnants of the solar system," says Weaver.

Ultima Thule takes part in a large disk that is used by the astronomers, sometimes called the planets, on the Kuiper Pipeline. the solar system "attic". Scientists did not know that the Kuiper pipeline existed until 1990.

About 4.8 billion kilometers from the Sun, far from the Neptune orbit, the planet far from the star. It tells the story of Pluto, "New Horizons researcher Alan Stern, of a tall planet from the continent – billions of comets, millions of objects such as Ultima Thule – planets, elements of planets."

"This is important for us in the science of planets This solar system, which is far from the sun, protects the original conditions of about 4,500 million years ago"So, when we fly over Ultima, we can see how things look."

The New Horizons spacecraft travels at 51,500 kilometers per hour or approximately 1.6 million kilometers in space.
When you hit a small object such as rice rice at this speed, the probe can be destroyed at once.

But if it survives, the ship will take a picture with hundreds of Ultima Thule the hope of discovering its shape and its geology. The New Horizons sent powerful images of Pluto in 2015, and some of them showed up in the heart of the planet, which they never saw.

Stern says this time, "We'll try to get three times as bigger as we do for Pluto." But often, flights require "an extremely accurate navigation, more than we've ever had before, maybe we'll come, maybe not."

Ultima Thule was discovered by Hubble Space Telescope in 2014. Scientists have noticed that in 2017, Ultima Thule's wind is not extended, perhaps even extended. There could even be two objects.

And scientists do not mean the lights that they want to see in a returning object, but many questions. This may be covered by cosmic dust. Small moons? Has its poles been similarly similar to the approaching ship?

The US space agency expects the mission to respond. The first pictures will come on the 1st of January and will be published next day.

Although it is not possible to transmit live images at this distance, NASA is a Ph.D. in astrophysics. Brian May's mission is to broadcast live live with a live program. "It was an interesting challenge to bring together these two aspects of my life, astronomy and music," said the legendary poet Freddie Mercury's old partner.

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