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NASA's former astronaut Bill Anders send people to Mars to "fool"


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December 24, 2018 18:14:32

One of the first astronauts to come to the orbit said that sending people to Mars would be "stupid".

Key points:

  • Bill Anders does not think the public is interested in Mars mission
  • The former astronaut said that he remained a "great supporter" for unmanned space programs
  • Fellow Apollo 8 astronaut Frank Borman, Jeff Bezos and Elon Muskin are "nonsense" of space missions,

85-year-old US astronaut Bill Anders was the Moon model pilot for the country's Apollo 8 mission in December 1968.

The mission was crucial for seven months to reach the 11th month of Apollo.

In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Mr. Anders claimed that he was a "great supporter" of unmanned space programs – lowering his achievements at a low cost – the idea of ​​sending human groups to Mars was "almost laughable."

Referring to the lack of public support for expensive missions involving human groups as a cause of the revolution, Anders asked, "What is the test? Why not go to Mars? I do not think the public is interested in something."

Despite his key role in the mission of Apollo 8, Mr. Anders criticizes NASA's evolution or failure in the 1960s.

An old astronaut said: "NASA could not come to the Moon today, so ossified … NASA turned into a work program."

"Most of the Centers are interested in dealing mainly with them, and you do not see any public support other than buying salaries and re-election of their congressmen."

In his view, given that he was not a "very popular man," Mr. Anders added: "I think NASA is luckier.

Former crew member Frank Borman, 85, commander of the Apollo 8 mission, hit a different tone.

He said to the radio station: "I do not criticize NASA as Bill, I need a powerful intelligence system of our solar system, and I think it's part of a human being."

In addition, Mr Borman launched SpaceX founder and initiator Elon Musk and the head of Amazon Jeff Bezo.

Mr. Borman said, "I think there is a lot of consciousness about Mars."

"Musk and Bezos talk about putting colonies on Mars, it's not ridiculous."

NASA is planning to develop the technology needed to build a new human mission in the planning process and in the future for Mars.




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