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Netflix and Spotify also hosted each other and increase their subscriptions between 25% and 40%


Official Subas

Companies began adjusting their subscriptions to the dollar-funded subsidy system last October. How will the process continue

Postés of almost two months in what the dorlar it looks to be corway in the strategy of managementorn of zones, the two earlier platforms of streaming what operate in the Argentina, Netflix for the video and Spotify for the mÚmusic, they started a match your fertilizers.

Netflix what I did, as They are of custom, a través of a communication official what, then, him goa arrive a the customers what he's got in the pajs. A break of now, the plan babasic what think sorwhat one screen go upa a $149, the standard, what includes two displays, this matcha up the $210 and the Premium, what allow include four displays a the time alsoas of UHD, go upa up the $299.

This faces of a increase of almost 25% put it what the prices previous of fertilizer this where are they in the $110$169. The courage of service of the companyñía what, this assessment, he's got 4 millions of subscribers in the pajs, no this up to date from August of 2017, never the dorlar in this then I hung up the $17. Today the signal quotation marks in lathe a the $37.

The adjustment implemented now easta away aÚn of increase of dorlar of mas of 100% what supportor this coin in this año and many mas of that's all $17 of August of año past.

Why; this, those who enter this Thursday 15 of November a the pagina official of Netflix They are visitors a try the versionorn free from a month and a break of 15 of December prorximo a pay the new prices.

"With the proporsito of special offer the better experience of entertainment with mas tjtitles exclusively (…) and to be improved the experience global of Netflix for aid a the members a find something wonderful for see aÚn mas raI ask, Netflix matcha the cost of of assistanceorn monthly. The plan babasic with access a 1 screen increasea a $ 149 ARS, the plan template with 2 displays a the time and technologyja HD now to bea of $ 219 ARS and the plan premium with 4 displays a the time and UHD to bea of $ 299. The Úlast one time what Netflix customizedor your prices in Argentina it was in August of 2017" confirmor the companyñía a través of a communication.

The another companyñía what sj I decidedor match the price of of fertilizer a break of this 1° C of November past it was Spotify but for that's all new subscribers. The plan familiar slope today $149 against $103,5 what come onja costing up now. Herej this warns a increase of mas of 40 from one hundred.

In the September past, and then of what the dorlar will be overcome the obstacle of the $40, they appeared infinity of speculation about the cost what drinkjone the services. But nothing of this it happenedor in this dot. Both companies they decided maintains in the same prices your fertilizers, although without explain the reasons of the determinationorn.

Part of this speculationorn this yenor no sorwhat from the went up of the signal North America but alsoén why the banks include in varied details the cost of service: many usually exhibition in of home banks the cost of service having in account the special offerorn of dja, what what does what this prices this to modify daily, below the swings of Buy. But, a the time of post the exhibition final, this courage this maintainsja in weight, such as as the contract what one "signature" never comply a the availorn of way on line.

There is others reasons, without embargo, for think the adjustment of the prices having in account what what easta it happens in the Buy. Movistar, what does 20 djas throwor of way official of service Movistar TV, already includes a Netflix in of packet of Internet, phoneja and TVorn. Strategy what from does mas of two añper person applicationor Telecentres, never it was the first in include to king of streaming in of combo of services.

Flow, the service of Telecommunications/ /Cablevisiorn, alsoén prevé integrate a Netflix in of proposal services. Although stillja without date determined, all suggests what Netflix to bea included a break of prorximo año.

The operational of streaming They are, in the frame of the new competition what this start in the pajsand what, of no step out the call "law soon of telecommunications" starta of way complete a break of 1° C of January of 2019the better hook to what come on the different operators of telecommunications for take it mas supporters a your suggestions of services in combo.

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