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New flavors offer Cuyo diary


Bodegas y Viñedos Casa Montes is primarily surprised by new wines at the successful Fuego Negro line coming out first in 2014 with varietals coming in first in 2016. This time it was a turn red blend -Petit Verdot-Malbec product 2016– and a network –Sauvignon Blanc-Viognier-, grape 2018. Two exponents, who are already talking about their features and at the same time having a precious quality ratio (about 180 pesos).

From its origins, Casa Montes, like Pozo de los Algarrobos and Caucete, likened it to one of the first Petit Verdotos, presented as monovarietal across the country. This time, another influential accompaniment to reach more chamber is: Malbec de Zonda.

Both of these lines continue to shape the design of the young wines, to design all the features that are easily adapted to any relationship with the gentle touch of the tree.

The connoisseur of Petit Verdot can now imagine that this idea has more color and complexity, as well as mouth and nose aromas and flavors are accompanied by an explosion of Malbec's subtlety.

"True, it has more complexity and color, but it keeps its softness and its roundness, so it's easy to drink," says the wine-maker Pedro Pelegrina, who has been in the winemaking industry for ten years.

Certainly, this is a spicy red meat, pasta with good sauce sauce, or why you can eat 14-15 degrees for a drink.

The Sauvignon Blanc-Viognier blend is for those who love the white market, those who want to start flavoring and enjoying the flavor, soft, fresh and easy to drink. Ideal for sensitivity and summer season Both grapes are Pozo de los Algarrobos.

Sauvignon's tense and wild aromas are perfect in harmony with Viognier, the fruit and its unique aromas. A couple who wants to accompany a fresh summer break, as well as drink only on hot days.

Pelegrina, her beloved, not only did good wines, but also good tastes, tasted different couples, and accompanied them "cooked vegetables and pasta with fishes – with red sauce".


Black fire the line of Casa Montes wines, which is a significant part of the market. All began in 2014 when the company decided to tighten the gap
has gained value among the brand and placed Fuego Negro on the traditional Ampakama.

First of all, they are of the highest quality. Fuego was born in Negro Malbec; Cabernet Sauvignon; Syrah; Chardonnay; Viognier Dulce is a sparkling wine when it is natural, and for holidays or just want a balloon. A Viognier, who was very pleased with the winery and spectator, did not miss himself, since he also joined the line.

The success of the stamp stopped there. The first coincide in 2016: Cabernet Franc – Malbec. This is, first of all, "more structured than the same type of brand, and more owl, with some barrels and sticks." Fortunately, public acceptance was very good, and now she has decided to add two new ones Pelegrina says:

Alzamora, family wine

Last year, Montes introduced two varieties – Malbec and a Cabernet Sauvignon – Alzamora, to provide more choice options. It is a line that allows you to pass through stronger wine, through barrels – nothing is invasive and always respects the existence of fruits.

Golden Torrontés

Torronté of the Casa Montes & # 39; s Ampakama Line, a few days ago, was awarded the XII edition of the Evinor Competition, held at La Juanja Chilecito. Unfortunately, this is an export wine right now, so we can not use the factories.

Torrontés is a Torrontés de Pozo de los Algarrobos which is really striking with wild notes, protecting the flowers and feelings of the grapes. It has a very good end to the mouth that does not suffer. "said Pedro Pelegrina, a winemaker at Casa Montes.

This wine has the final destination of England, Brazil, Germany and China.

Over 100 samples from the Torrontés from La Rioja, Salta, San Juan, Mendoza, Tucumán and Neuquen joined the taste of the jury carried out by the influential Evinor jury.

This meeting is supported by the Rioja Chamber of Agriculture Producers (Carpa) and La Rioja Government

Other nine medals of the Torrentés wine were the decree of the Argentine Republic: Cafayate Cosecha Tardia, Etchart winery Salta; Chico Zossi, Bodega Zossi, Tucuman; Familia Schroeder winery, Neuquén, Deseado wine; Lorca Fantasía, Lorca winery, Mendoza; Collovati, Javier Collovati, La Rioja; Domingo Hnos. Reserva, winery Domingo Hnos., Salta; Walls 2018, El Esteco winery, Salta; 7 Cows, Las Arcas de Tolombón winery, Tucumán and Torrontés winery Fincas Riojanas, La Rioja.

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