Tuesday , January 31 2023

Quimsa shouted the champion! – You are an intruder


Santiago del Estero, San Lorenzo de Almagro and Quimsa, became the excitement of Banco Comafi's Super 20 final. The city stadium is packed with fans in one of the cities where more basketball breathes. On the one hand, the National League's fighter jet, an invincible monster for all competitors, Fusion, which puts itself in good play and canceled the party 76-70.

Meeting concentrated with a local group and started with a solid defenseTake advantage of the loss and errors of Cyclone. First quarter average, coach, Gonzalo García a minute, Fusion was forced to ask for a good progress product. First Segment +10 (25-15). Up until that time Quimsa managed a duel with good performance and self-esteem.

You can always rely on San Lorenzo because he always has resources to quit. In the second quarter, Cyclone was even more defensible and despite showing a weakening of the crime, lowered the numbers of buildings down from 17 to 13 to move up to 38 above 32. Until that time, Jerome Meyinsse was the best scorer with 9 points.

In the third quarter, the best aspect of Quimsa was seen, She's gone. Defense was strengthened at other times, loss of competitor and forced decision-making dominated high-level trio and boards. Those with Boedo were in trouble, and the Fusion took a maximum of 21 points for partial results and resulted in a result of 27-14 (65-46).

The last segment was from all of San Lorenzo. The Cyclone game has managed almost perfect times. With the trio of Meyinsse and Donald Sims, he needs to get a little more than seven in a couple of minutes. It was Quimsa, now in danger zone. However, the Fells figure diminished the reaction of visitors with some conversions. Quimsa shouted the champion in front of all his people 76-70.

Cyclone searched through all the means and could not get the victory. This tournament is three times the champion, which remained with the desire of last year, is not alien. The name and description of the conference and the consolation prize for San Lorenzo, finalist, Copa Sudamericana 2019as a champion. To mix what's happening now: Protect the triple crown.

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