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Railway syndicate José Pedraza, who was convicted on Mariano Ferreira's death, dies


José Pedraza, former secretary general Railway UnionHe was condemned by the murderer of the Labor Party Mariano Ferreyradied on Saturday night at the Agote clinic Lying close friends of the union. He was 75 years old. It will be covered today.

Pedraza was in 2012 as a necessary participant, was sentenced to 15 years in prison Mariano Ferreira occurred as a result of the murder October 2010. Then in 2016 he was given the High Criminal Court of 21 house prisons "for health reasons."

They have warned about the recent deterioration of their health and their deterioration I've been in a coma for a month.

Pedraza was born in 1943, De Funes, Cordoba. He was a son of a railroadman and settled in Buenos Aires, where he studied law in the 60s. In those years he began In order to work on the Belgrano Railway, he launched a professional militancy in Peronism, after a short contact with the leftist student organizations.

His activism led him to this During the Ocalan dictatorship in prisonlosing his job; However, he rebuilt it in 1971 in Miter Railway. From In 1985, he became the secretary general of the union and in 1996 he became Secretary General of the Railway Union. Powerful Peronist Guilds were part of Los Gordos because they were known.

During the last military dictatorship in 1979, he participated in a general strike and was part of the 80's The 25th group faced the Peronist Orthodoxy of Herminio Iglesias and Lorenzo Miguel. Under the leadership of Breivik leader Saul Ubaldin, Raul joined Alfundo's 13 general strike.

In 1988, Carlos Menem became a fair candidate after supporting the indoor Peronist Antonio Cafiero. Thus, in the 1990s Pedraza supported the privatization of the railroads and joined the Argentinean Ferrocarriles Manager. Her guild was granted the privilege of Belgrano Cargas, his second wife, Graciela Coria.

After a million dollars fraud in 2006, he said, "I know what's going on in the toilet to clean his tail and I know what to eat with a friend who is cooked in the stomach." his staff guild.

Mariano Ferreira's murder

On October 20, 2010, 23-year-old militant from Partido Obrero Mariano Ferreira was among dozens of militant comrades in the middle of the protests. Demanded that Roca Railway be moved to a permanent plant for foreign workers.

On the same day at about 11 am, the first events with the employees of the Railway Union began at the height of the Avellaneda station. Articles workers threw stones and bottles and prevented the protesters from cutting Roca train paths.

At 13.40 the conflict has already moved to Buenos Aires. A group of railway workers attacked protesters again. Thus, Two members of the group fired at the protesters and hit Ferreyra's body in a few hours.

Pedraza was found guilty of being iresearcher and intellectual author of this conflict and as a necessary participant in the crime.

Mariano Ferreira began his military service at the 13-year-old Partido Obrero. Born in Sarandí, he became president of the High School Student Center. For several years he has been the leader of the Buenos Aires University Federation (FUBA). During his short life he often devoted his good deeds and his participation in social events.

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