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Reals start selling season: people "buy less amount" – Economy


Although the summer season is approaching and the change is uncomfortable with previous years, many still want to travel to Brazil to spend their vacations.

In this context, the change in Parana has seen a significant increase in demand since this week, and forms of daily consumer purchases that occurred everyday, which cost 11 pesos for sale and 9 pesos for sale. A week ago, the Brazilian currency could have earned 9.75 pesos, but in recent days the price has risen to the rhythm of demand; compared to last year, pointing to an increase of 6.95 for those who want to sell at the end of December 2017 and 5.95 for sale.

Milagros Kuroski, Valuar Branch Manager of Entre Ríos's capital, said, "The biggest need for reals, a currency that leads to sales, is the need for more and more dollars." Someone.

However, the seasonal sales of the neighboring country's currency usually begins to grow around December 15, but this time has been postponed slightly and this week has started: "The flow of people has started from Tuesday," says analysts at the same time. , the purchase and sale of the currency is nominally smaller ".

According to him, the required amounts do not differ: "There are operations ranging from 30 to $ 3,000 and there are about 500 to 700 people per person," he said. during this period, with the change of tourists lasts for the first two weeks of January and the last days of the first month of the year. "In February, the movement will start to decline substantially," he said.

The dollar said, "In the course of a year, the dollar was a very demanding currency, especially in the wake of it. People are looking for asylum both for holidays and now the bonus, which can be added to the next year as the holidays There are many people who have yet to plan and decide on the subject, but you can save dollars for something. "

However, he clarified: "When it comes to the number of people who want to buy a dollar, it has become more definite last week, but in the first weeks of December the movement was low, and in general, there was a noticeable decrease in sales in terms of foreign currency: a small amount of people buying, we are talking about a decrease of three to four times compared to last year. "
In recent years, according to many other currencies, "Chilean peso demand has ceased directly". This year there were fewer transactions in this currency, but not for sports events or trips related to these features and for vacation in this country. "

"In the case of Uruguayan peso, it sells less than 2017, because there are fewer travelers to Uruguay, but more Argentinean pesos and dollars are available." Clients' statements generally know that it is difficult to change them when they bring dollars to Brazil or there is an additional procedure: Dollars in Uruguay are traded in any trade, and then people get several Uruguayan pesos to travel to this country. "

On the other hand, the permanent change of currencies, unlike other times, is not good at purchasing with a credit card and even borrowing, and therefore thinking of making money for those traveling to Brazil is just about everyday expenses as well as other destinations abroad. "When you get used to a different country when you go to another country, we now think that the last two major devaluations have taken place in the previous government, as well as the collective memory of the people and the fact that the currency exchange rate or the foreign currency and wants to be a little motivated by current purchases, "he reflected Kuroski.

On the other hand, since the next year, the Financial Reporting Union (IFI) has approved the decision of the Fund to extend the maximum amount that can be obtained by submitting an identification document, without the need for other identification documents: "We should not buy a minimum, but in 2019 a monthly maximum of 100,000 to 200,000 pounds and a maximum of 150,000 to 400,000 pounds in a month, determined by the FIB's adjustment. "he said.

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Although today's Paranada needs more dollars, Kuroski acknowledged that the currency is an extraordinary offer: "This year was a record since the opening of the branch, with more dollars sold on the market and exiting the market in the last week There were many people who sold dollars in the last two months, "he said.

In this context, it has come to a conclusion that: "Investigating customer testimonials, it uses the smaller savings they use to pay off debts and the current interest rates are aggravated, or the direct costs and the wage earnings are worth the savings and commitments . "

$ 11 Paranada, the real selling price of the most demanded currency in the last week. Those who want to travel in Brazil for a few days off are more comfortable to use than cash, not credit card or debit card.

$ 39.10 The price of the dollar sold at Paranada yesterday. The registered currency has grown over the years and doubled its value. Many of those who received the half-year bonus prefer to use this currency as a savings.

$ 45.25 This is the price that Avroun sold within the Entre Ríos capital. Until the middle of the year, 30 pesos are on average and not the most demanding period, but those who plan to travel to Europe use a bonus to earn this currency.

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