Wednesday , February 8 2023

Res-Aire de Santa Fe in several gastroenteritis after prophylaxis


Malabrigo Hospital's many complaints of gastrointestinal problems may be consumed after the truck's overthrow on the 11th route.

The statement does not say, but doctors have shown that they are seeing and decided to warn that still consumers of meat are taking the necessary measures. If you have any symptoms, go to your doctor.

The accident occurred on Tuesday, 18th, at Route 11, in the Vera jurisdiction.

The truck loaded with half a cattle was overthrown and loaded with a shoulder.

The passers-by got the chance to buy meat in their luggage.

The half-animal was a few hours away from the shelter and abroad, which led to the disapproval of the veterinarian's consumption.

Expression of the Malabrigo Hospital

"It is recommended that patients with this product should take precautions before and after the need for consultation with gastro-intestinal conditions in patients who claim they have consumed a truck luggage near the city this week, leaving any symptoms to the hospital."

So they took meat after meat

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