Wednesday , February 8 2023

Return to route 7: Who are they and what the wounded are – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


Provincial Health Undersecretary Oscar Sagas, who has been internationally on board at various hospitals in the Great Mendoza, announced the company's 11 passengers on Sunday.

Among the injured are three people in the Central Hospital, seven in Lagomaggiore, and one assistant in Notti. Today, there are 35 passengers who are under observation at Uspallata Hospital and are likely to be discharged from hospital in the next few hours.


  • Clemencia Gallardo (64 years) Fracture of right knee and chest trauma. Fixed
  • Oscar Lopresti (24 years old, Argentinean). Right shoulder trauma. Fixed
  • Jeremías Aveldaño (34 years old, Bolivia). The loss of science is fixed


  • Roy Castillo (34 years, Peru). Tibia and fibula fractures.
  • Yanina Coronado (23 years, Argentina). Abdominal trauma.
  • Isidora donated (25 years, Colombia). Stomach ache
  • Fabian Arce (28 years old, Argentinean). Knee fractures.
  • Carlos Niker (51 years, Peru). Polyetrauma.
  • Nicolas Ulloa (48 years old, Argentinean). Light skull trauma.
  • The last person named Donado (30 years, Colombia). Cervical fracture


  • Uriel Camorro (12 years). Lightweight polyarthritis. Observe.


  • 35 passengers in "green code", with minor injuries. Observe. They will be discharged in the next few hours.

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