Tuesday , January 31 2023

Riyal's Life Changes


After the events of 2018, Jorge Rial talked about the changes that took place in his life. Read more in this note.

After health problems with her daughter Morena, Rial received a four-month license through anxiety in 2018. But in recent weeks she has succeeded in continuing her course and has spent a good time.

In an interview with Pronto, Rial said, "I was preparing to keep it on the pear, and now I'm very good."

Jorge Rial's sharp change

At the same time, his partner lived with dietitian Romina Pereiro. "If I had lived together with Romina in the picture, what do you think? I'm happy with it, from the very beginning my home was a museum, full of art and works of art, but life was no longer there, but the difference is painted with colored colored paint and everywhere puppets thrown, "Rial said in humor.

And Emma and Violeta, summarizing what they wanted to live with her husband's little girl, summed up their words: "There is a dog, two cats and how we are going to live in our lives, I will not lose it, I found it and it did not give us anything and no one gave me will not loose. "

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