Monday , February 6 2023

Sakurai Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – explains that should not pay too much attention to balance between symbols.


Here are some of the new phrases we get here Masahiro Sakurai about his latter creation, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. On this occasion, the words are shared with the DenFamiNicoGamer environment and we know that Siliconera translates into English.

In that meeting, he actually mentioned Did not consider the settings directly to the characters. These are the words that share:

Yes, so far it was abnormal. (Laughter) In wrestling games, several project managers divide the balance between symbols between them. However, if you do, "only those heroes who are balanced by this person are strong" and can create problems that can be caused by "weak" characters. First, for that Smash Bros., no one could make those adjustments, so I'm not working on the settings.

From Dispute and then I created a monitoring team to collect the results of the war, and I used the suggested options to regulate the data and symbols. For Disputeit will be an approach to this issue since the team was founded by about 4 people and will end up in the 4-player battle. There was such a team Smash Bros for 3DS / Wii Ubut it seems that they do not have enough experience.

For Ultimate we dramatically increase the scale of this system for planning and monitoring trends. Of course, we've added a number of good people in the battle … There were good people before, but this time they were organized in a more organized manner. Of course, I'm looking for any point to change each day and I have to comment when there is a problem.

At the same time, creativity revealed that during the development process, he focused on the interpretations of the people who were trying to balance the characters that were not sufficient during the monitoring. He also added the following: attacks of characters:

Yes, even if I do, I still think, "If it were fair, then a game is not fun." To do just one thing, you have to standardize a lot. And when you do it, all the characters feel the same … First, the characters of the characters start from the beginning, even though I decide.

I draw pictures and other things I want, and then I decide: "When using this posture and content, the attack starts and ends in this context." I've added it to the project plan since the beginning. "If it were too strong or too weak, the initial frames would have changed a little … So, when the balance is somewhat short of others, it's my job before the attack.

What do you think about his words?


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