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Santa Claus deceived Mauricio Macri in Santa Rosa – 12/22/2018


Like the last three years, the president Mauricio Macri by the end of the year Casa Rosada has traditionally made toast. With the first lady's accompaniment Juliana Awada and his daughter, Antonia, took Presidential Fund in 2018 "Charging Batteries and Batteries".

"It was a difficult job, there were many challenges, and we had difficult moments to go through, and we know there are major challenges ahead, but I hope we believe we overcome these problems," said Palm Trees decorated with a Patio de Timetable.

However, the greatest focus was on the President, however Santa Claus Who is accompanying him? With more harsh clothes and a year than last year a serious and terrible faceThe Christmas character created jokes on social networks.

About memes

Memes about Casa Rosada "Santa Claus seriously".

He even dared Makri Makina for one of the most sensitive aspects of the president: football. ""They decorated me in the river and the president"The president said he compared his friend's suit with Santa Claus suit.

Balcarce was the person who personally represented the Christmas symbol at 50 Horacio Wai, An actor with more than 30 years of experience – exactly in the theater and paradoxically About Kirchnerism. "I had nothing to do with Makri, but his hands shook. I do not share with him, I did not vote"El-Destape appeared in an interview with the ultra-K journalist Roberto Navarro.

Wow, after seeing the performance at Galerías Pacífico's shopping center, he said he had been contacted with official sources. "They saw me there and offered the president toast to be Santa Claus I thought they had to hurt me"He said.

About memes

Memes about Casa Rosada "Santa Claus seriously".

The president announced the cause of the president's serious gesture. "Because he spoke everything and was angry I did not laugh at anything"And he said:" Laburo and I have to rent, rent electricity and gas; the grape said all this ".

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