Monday , February 6 2023

Santiago del Moro: "I have to meet Mauricio Macri, we have lost our pregnancy with my wife"


"This afternoon, a few tears, something that has not happened before, will be a difficult day," he said.

Santiago del Moro

, ten years later


Take one step aside and keep your career away from the program. "As I get started, I finish a cycle, well, it's already a professional and personal relationship with my spouses to learn from each one."

The driver will go to the phone, it's great to start the latest program. "The beauty of Intratables is that they live together in different positions, so they want to get television and shut their faith." "There are few journalists who do not live in this business."

The broadcast continued with some urgency, leaving the side of the sensation. President Mauricio Makri's report on the trial of Christmas Tastes and another Cristina Kirchner led to debate amongst the debate participants in each case.

Personal Thoughts

"I will be sitting here today as a guest," said Del Moro, who is about to make a comment before leaving the sidewalk. "I never trust anyone, because I always feel that everyone is lying to me."

Gradually his classmates began to ask him questions that created the memories of the program. "The most intense moments when Stiusso called," he said. "The most beautiful moment … I've always had the opportunity to get to know bigger people: Héctor Larrea, Cacho Fontana, Graciela Fernández Mejide … have become a lot."

Prior to submitting a video that summed up the decade before the cycle, Santiago recalled how he had come to the television in the most popular news program in recent years. "Intratables began as a summer program to say five of the day's news, but suddenly we saw that few people on both sides gathered on this floor and the program is growing", she remembers with those emotions. "Started in a music program, I continued in the world of celebrities and entered the world of politics, never thinking about myself."

During an interview given by his colleagues, he was encouraged to explain the personal life of the driver that none of them worked with him. "On the day I was forced to meet Mauricio Macri, we were pregnant with my wife, there seems to be a metaphor of life, good, bad, and invisible," said his eyes full of eyes. And it continued with the story: "This was the ultrasound last few weeks ago, the last one was pregnancy, and I had to go and celebrate when I suddenly called out to talk to me, I came to Olivos and I should be a professional and do it I thought, but it was a very painful moment. "

This professionalism passed by the driver over the past few years is due to the fact that he occupied the occupied position every day. "I've been dreaming since I was 11 years old and when I came to my city, I found people who were very well educated and well-versed in my research, but I did not want to do anything compared to those who came here," he explained. "Over the years, I have been traveling around and traveling in the best way, all of us here are intratables trapped and captured and closed."

When it was time to finish the broadcast, Del Moro took a drink and was about to finish the cycle. "I'm offering Intratables and my colleagues, I do not want to call people, because I'm always thankful to Daniel Vila for giving me the freedom to work and make this program even if someone forgets his name," said the production team. He looked at the people before giving it. "Can I leave myself image?" He asked. As the lights went down, the door went slowly down the door. "Someday we will meet in this house because America is our home".

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