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Scientists explain why loneliness is and why it can cause it


Loneliness is a deadly threat for people and animals with a high-level public organization. This is consistent with a number of research and commentary that has been given to a number of experts in various fields.

Social animals

According to the psychiatrist Evgueni Kasiánov, a coordinator of a curriculum project called psychiatry and neuroscience, "loneliness it can be really deadly"Scientists have shown many studies that show more deaths in the context of social restrictions, for example, in comparison with the elderly loved ones in the fraternity homes.

It can also be seen in animals as deadly examples of loneliness dolphins and killer whalesthey can be empathetic to all parts of the brain and to some communicate with each other according to Zoologist Grigor Tsidulkoy, an expert on the nature of the International Union, "more perfect than human beings".

Deadly danger

"The solitude was for them less traumatic this is for us, "says the expert, who often lives in wild veterinaries, emphasizing that the non-replicating dogs live in the aquariums for an average of 10-12 years Up to 80 years.

In experiments with other social animals, it has been shown that the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis of insulin hormones causes activation of hormones. corticotropin and cortisol, "orchestral masters" stress, says Kasiánov.

According to the psychiatrist, there are several reasons for this Impact of effects dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin – have a negative effect on the mood and activity level – memory depletion and heart attack and stroke.

This is not necessarily isolated

In Kasyanov's opinion, loneliness is usually defined as a discrepancy between a person's actual and actual social relationships. According to this definition, the psychiatrist emphasizes the sense of loneliness "pretty subjective".

"It's true to live and shoot it not necessary be completely alone, "said the expert.

Psychoanalyst and art historian Gleb Napreyenko in this sense confirms that man does not have a source of solitude for the lack of interpersonal relationships, but different structures as a result of a particular feature of social beings.


"Perhaps the invention of the language formed by the human habitat, he condemns it lonely"he says, psychoanalyst.

Napeyenko, in psychoanalytical terms, is the key to describing the different structures of men's relationships. mental illnesses the social changes that are being exposed today, for example, are the presence of people It is closed 24 hours Thanks to them technology.

"It only emphasizes the problematic nature of the confrontation between the two bodies." Today, perhaps, this meeting, perhaps more, meeting for loneliness"he says.

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