Wednesday , May 31 2023

Search for ARA San Juan


Ministry of Defense has started negotiations with Ocean Infinity to meet 120 Day Expectations

by searching the submarine ARA San Juan
, which has not yet yielded results. The Seabed Constructor, which runs the plant since September 7, operated AUV (autonomous underwater vehicles) and ROV (remote operation) yesterday, entering the Comodoro Rivadavia harbor to fill and change staff. The company released the brackets and searches in February, but the Navy and the Ministry of Defense did not intend to interrupt the operations and adhere to the signed agreement, which is at least 60 days in net search and up to 120.

The four rela- tively related relatives continue on board. So far, 22 contact points have been found, analyzed by the latest technology tools. The latter was made of fishing nets. It is expected that the vessel will leave the search areas in the following hours.

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