Wednesday , February 8 2023

"Sorry, I'm falling asleep," said Mendoza, the bus driver who fled to his father's victim


A terrible traffic accident in a group of 45 passengers and two crew members at the National Route 7 near the city of Uspallata in the Mendoza high mountains shocked the whole country. Three people died, three of them children under the age of ten and three, and several others were wounded.

While investigations continue to identify the causes of the tragic accident, relatives of victims and passengers have no doubt that Chile is the driver of the micro company in Ahumada, Víctor Gómez Everyone acknowledges that the driver has fallen asleep and has lost control of the team.

There was a hearty dialogue between drivers and some relatives of victims in recent hours. The driver approached my brother and said: & # 39; sorry, I fell asleep & # 39;. He told him from time to time My dead brother was in my hands"Laura Arredondo said Esteban Felipe was a 10-year-old boy who died in the accident, with Maritza Ramos Chana and 35-year-old Mihe Calderón Ramos.

Another passenger has supported the key assumption that resulted in death. As Jonathan Emanuel Santibanez Ruarte described in his Facebook account, which emerged from the rain,by a sleeping driver"I still can not screw my tears, tears and blood," he said.

The first signs collected by the local police are syndicated as the main driver. The police chief, Roberto Munives, said the driver lost control of the crew and fell to the right side of the road towards a wound on the Mendoza River. According to the first hypothesis, the driver of the DRZJ 33 patent would have lost control of the microphone when falling asleep.

Two Colombian drivers were detained in Uspallata and have not yet been convicted, the court said.

Chile confirmed that Santiago de Chile, who left at 21:30, was "an unfortunate accident," and said he believes that crew members of two crew "have violated the law."

In addition, the company confirmed that it transported 45 passengers of different nationalities: "19 Argentina, a Bolivian, 15 Chile, a Colombian, an Ecuador, four Peru, one Paraguay, two Uruguay and one Venezuela."

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