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SpaceX's Texas Test Drive & # 39; Mars builds its space – Elon Musk said he could begin in March


  • Elon Musk said SpaceX had set up a "test strip" that could begin in March or April in Texas.

  • The vehicle is a collapsing version of a full size Starship spaceship – designed to reach Mars as part of the Big Falcon Rocket system.

  • Boka Chica shows what looks like a spaceship coming together in Texas (SpaceX is a launch site in Texas where the pictures taken by locals come together.

Elon Musk joined this weekend to deliver a real sleeve of gifts to fans of the Twitter rocket company.

Mashk, explaining that SpaceX's 21st (and record fighter) missile expects to begin on Saturday, the launch of a prototype for Starship Star Space continues at the launch site of the company Texas.

Additionally, Muskin's first test of what he called "test sheets" can be completed early in the summer.

Head of SpaceX and COO leader, Musk and Gwynne Shotwell, are critical to building a Big Falcon Rocket or BFR, saying that such a spatial prototype is short, non-orbit, or "blew up": 100 people on the Mars system and 150 Tons loaded to load.

However, SpaceX operators have recently said that short-haul flights will not start until the end of 2019. Thus, a little inventiveness and a half billion dollars flow helped to accelerate that time.

Starship is about 30 feet wide and 180 feet long and Musk is now designed to sit on a nearly 219-meter long rocket booster that calls the Super Heavy.

"In Texas, we have built a test vehicle, hopefully in March / April, Starship will complete the technical presentation," he said. tweeted Saturday.

"This test hopper is full of 9m / 30 ft full height, with Super Heavy full length and diameter," Musk addedThat SpaceX will not build a bucket version of Super Heavy – and will go straight to build a full-scale amplifier.

Musk added that the construction of a test waste section at the new missile plant at Los Angeles Harbor, SpaceX.

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Boca Chica, a company that has developed a starting point for the BFR, has shaped it as a part of a test that has been seen as part of a test in local areas in Texas.

The following picture is a disappointing picture of the recent photos that appear to be pieces of the test sheet against Starship's illustrations.

However, the SpaceX Starship did not respond immediately to the Business Insider's questions about the tester's startup program and other details (and images were not approved for showing tea).

Test hook news and startup program is not the only thing Musk has announced on Saturday.

Towards the first Mars deck in 2025?

Musk began to disseminate information on metallurgy, metals, and features and science discussions for BFR in connection with SpaceX's activity.

Materials are essential for the success or failure of space vehicles because they should be subject to changes at high temperatures, pressure changes and excessive vibration. This is Starship, especially when traveling around the Earth, traveling to Mars for a month, landing on the red planet's surface and returning home.

Musk said the BFR's "last iteration" in September. At the same time, he announced the start of the company's billionaire Yusaku Maezava in the month of 2023. The described Musk design is rich in carbon fiber composite parts.

However, until November, Musk denied the statement, saying that they came to radical design change; It changed two major parts of the BFR system. (Starship was called "Big Falcon Spaceship" and Super Heavy "Big Falcon Booster"). In December, Teslarati, SpaceX, said it worked with NASA to develop a new heat protection for Starship.

On Saturday, Musk SpaceX's development revealed special stainless steel alloy alloy For the BFR system.

SpaceX is not certain whether due to these changes, it will now be able to meet the ambitious Mars startup schedule. However, as late as October 31, Mus said the BFR system wanted to use the first humans to launch six years later on the surface of Mars.

"We are still targeting 2024," Musk said in a conversation with Podcast Recode Decode, during an interview with Black Swisher.

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