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The Technical Team of the Ministry of Health co-ordinates actions in provincial and municipal vaccines to enhance data coverage and recording in the campaign against measles and rubella. The province has so far recorded 65% progress at a particular age.

Vaccine against measles.

According to the design of the Extended Immunization Program (PAI) under the guidance of the Ministry of Health Epidemiology, in the work of immunization against measles and rubella with a booster dose of the three-viral vaccine for children between 13 months and under five, the province has recorded a 65% target deposit so far. Under a 95 percent view; the data prompted the work of the technical portfolio of the health portfolio to complete the health objective.

During the meeting, it was reported that in the campaign against measles and rubella, 55,003 children were vaccinated and 30,201 vaccines were missing.

In particular, and according to the EPI records, 12,052 doses were administered to children aged 13 to 23 months (70%). 13,280 doses to 2-year-old boys (61 percent); 14,848 doses to children aged 3 years (65 percent) and 14,823 4-year-olds were vaccinated.

In this regard, a management meeting took place between the Integrated Health Services Network Subcommittee. the Directorate for Epidemiology; the PAI. the maternal and child health management team; the first level of attention, the short program and the nursing department.

Taking into account that 16 days remain until the end of the campaign, the guidelines were set at 389 vaccinations approved by the Ministry of Health in hospitals, health centers and CICs. In addition to recruitment strategies, hours of attention have been extended to health care providers.

In this way, the coverage and registration of data will be stepped up in time for the Paraná, Concordia, Gualeguaychú and Uruguay Departments, for which a timely dialogue with the health service coordinators was held.

Undersecretary of Integrated Healthcare Networks, Guillermo Zanutini, announced Wednesday that operators who have the ability to supply the way to reaching the missing 35% coverage are described. "An ingredient that is always on the first level is immunizations and from a functional point of view it is necessary to strengthen coverage in Paraná, Concordia, Gualeguaychú and Concepción del Uruguay," he said.

Zanuttini added: "In the program area there are specific health responsibilities and the scope of work of health teams includes the ground."

Similarly, the need for enhancing the vaccination of BCG and hepatitis B in the Joint Meeting and the recording of immunizations was examined.

Director of epidemiology, Diego Garcilazo, attended the meeting. the head of the PAI, Albana Gavini, the general manager of the first level of attention, Norma Hernández, and part of the maternity and childhood groups, nursing and the CUS – Summary program.

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