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Supply and transportation programs and changes are unemployment – 12/23/2018


The labor market acted in a special way as it was a decline and a decline in the income of the population. Thus, more people were left to look for a job as a result of family income. A good part did not work, but dangerous, unofficial and low quality, like "changing" or new types of services surrender and Uber.

As a result, an increase in unemployment compared with the previous year (from 8.3% to 9% in comparison with the previous year), lower than expected given the magnitude of the recession. Nevertheless, 170 thousand unemployed were added during one year The unemployment rate is 1,730,000 people.

Most analysts have commented on the index data from the third quarter of the previous year, which has confirmed an annual deficit of 3.5% in economic activity. In the context of this recession, the LCG recommends that additional workers are affected by the influence of additional workers, ie, more workers, ie to include people who want to guarantee additional inflation for their family income. ""

In other words, the other members of the family who were facing a decline in real income had to leave home looking for a job to earn additional income.

In the predicted net numbers throughout the country, went to search for 390,000 jobs a year220,000 people are unemployed, but unemployed in several hours of work, and 170,000 unemployed.

In August of this year, he is a worker living on the Olazabal Bridge, where he lives for volatility.

In August of this year, he is a worker living on the Olazabal Bridge, where he lives for volatility.

The INDEC report notes that the "full occupation" (1.4 percentage points less than in the previous quarter) and the unemployment rate (more than 0.6 points higher than the second quarter and 1 percentage point) increased in time. "

The consultant LCG notes that,Although the quantity of consumption increases, the created employment quality is even lower. " And adds: "More than 60% of new employees have been employed independently, in unwarranted jobs." In turn, it may be less encouraging to say: "The results can be less promising: the widening of registered wages leads to a decline in industry (+4.3%), the highest number of private workers (+4.3) ) ".

The INDEC report shows that the relative weight of the manufacturing industry decreased by 0.4 per cent. Decrease in hotels and restaurants, transportation, storage and communication has also diminished. "As an employer, the relative growth in the employer's transparent structure is the construction and internal service where the percentage of employed people has increased by 0.3 percent". The unemployed rose from 10.8% to 11.8% in a year and totaled 2,270,000.

In the same line, as well, with the data of INDEX,The other side of the growth of the employed is actually expanding employment and informal employment ".

At the same time, despite the fact that more people are looking for a job, it has been a relatively low rate of growth compared to the past, and "this involves the involvement of people in the absence of employment opportunities due to a decline in economic activity."

Labor data shows the growth of monotributists – more than 15,900 a year ago – this is partly explained new business methods.

Attorney Julian de Diego notes: "As with the Uber system delivery There is no typical dependency on Rappi, Pedidos, or Glovo, and on the contrary, service providers themselves and at their own risk, on the contrary, are part of an autonomous link. "

In turn, the "providers of computer services with modality"home office "often there are no working hours or predefined breaks, and their rewards are settled for purposes that the paradigms of the past are important for the hours and hours of employment, and are in line with legitimate dates. "

The Institute for Thinking and Public Policies (IPyPP) states that "new employment means employment, which is characterized by working hours, which reduces unemployment, which means lower income levels."

This bad quality of work leads to a considerable increase in the number of "job seekers" that increase "effective pressure on a quarter of active population". As a result, IPyPP notes that "limited employment created last year is based on unemployment and self employment".

The Uber is growing month by month when it comes to driving a taxi driver.

The Uber is growing month by month when it comes to driving a taxi driver.

Prospects in the labor market are uncertain until 2019. The Ecolata does not expect a leap in the labor market, especially for its investment stagnation. . "The recruitment date is at a low level, and the greatest sensitivity of informal employment before economic growth and disappearance will be those who explain the change in employment level in the remainder of the year and in the next period."

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