Monday , January 30 2023

The Church redefines its relationship with the Government and sends a message to Pope Francis


Redefine the relationship of the Church with the Government, to establish a firm stand against poverty, to evaluate the latest shortcuts with the president Maurizio Macri and to propose a plan to phase out state support with a final message to be issued to Pope Francisco. Under these privileges The Plenary of the Argentinean Diocese, which gathers bishops from all over the country, will begin today.

From the Pilar Canal Exercise Hall, the 116th Plenary Session of the Argentinean Diocese will begin a mass meeting headed by Monsignor Oscar Ojea and will extend until next Friday where it is expected to issue a final document.

"The agenda of the Episcopal Commission meeting is broad but surely the issue of poverty, state support and Luyan's mass organization with unions led by Moyano and causing so much turmoil to the government will be the focus of the talks ". last night Infobae a prolet near Ojea.

It has not been ruled out that there is a final message to Pope Francis although it was clarified that the Supreme Pontians "will have no interference in the development of the Episcopal Assembly."

During the meeting, the bishops will receive Cardinal Peter Peterson, the Prefect of the Justice Department, for the Human Development Service. And the various diocesan committees will have their usual meetings in which they will share the pastoral actions being carried out.

His subject State support of the bishops will be dealt with as there is an agreement between the Episcopal Assembly and Casa Rosada to establish one "phasing-out scheme" of the proxies in that State's income to divide the Church-Government ties to be appointed to this episcopal assembly.

Today, in the budget of 2019, the government raised funds for the Church at 126 million pesos and there is an idea to minimize these government spending.

However, the Secretary of Worship Alfredo Arbriani have already gone to Monsignor Ojea at a meeting they held two weeks ago and revealed Infobae, that removal from state support to bishops will be gradual and that it will not suddenly disappear in 2020 as it was hit yesterday by some media.

"There is a closed agreement for the Church and the State to devote their time and that the support for the bishops is gradual and agreed," he explained. Infobae a close friend of Arbiani.

Strictly speaking, last August there was a meeting of the Secretary of Worship with the bishops of the Episcopal Conference where they talked about "the discussion of alternatives and the bishops underwent a gradual resignation."

On the other hand, close to Ojea admitted this the mass controversy in the Basilica of Luján, where Monsignor Agustín Radrizzani received the canopy of the truck drivers' guild headed by Hugo Moyano, what has created intense distress in Casa Rosada will be another issue to be discussed today in Pilar's pastoral retreat.

From this point of view, there were already two public letters that clarified Radkizani where he said that "it was not the intention of the Church" to hurt certain believers who were upset by this mass. This is expected to clarify this relationship of bishops with political leadership and trade unions, especially given that one year of elections is coming and policy makers will be sensitive to such gestures of the Church.

The other central issue of the meeting of bishops that begins tomorrow is the progress of poverty in Argentina.

The Church has already expressed its concern about the levels of poverty and the last meeting held Ojea with the governor of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal and with the Minister of Social Development Carolina Stanley The need to continue to support social assistance from parishes is being raised.

However, Infobae He was able to know that the bishops would have access to the latest poverty issues handled by the UCA's Social Debt Observatory, which warns of over 31% of the poor in Argentina. In addition, each of the bishops will bring to the debate the reality of their provinces, where the issue of rising poverty is a cause for concern to all.

This development, which will be announced by the UCA report in December, will be part of the issues that will be analyzed by the bishops, although there is already a decision by the Church to "continue to accompany and assist those most in need in coordination with the state "said a consul who speaks with persistence with the leaders of the Episcopal Conference.

According to its statutes, "Plenary is the main and main organ of the Episcopal Conference, which expresses in particular the collective love of its members" and is held twice a year. 93 bishops (assistant, assistant), 3 ecclesiastical priests and invited 43 bishops, Apostolic Nunes and elected bishop.

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