Wednesday , February 1 2023

The defeat of the match came to Australia


From January 14 to 27, 2019 Australia Open. Great tennis players are hoping to return to the world tennis tournament and the first Grand Slam of the year is a perfect scenario to see them all in the same place. Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Andy Murray They will return after leaving the road at the end of 2018.

It confirmed that the tournament had a change in the last few hours and that the immigrants had ended. The organizers decided to apply a spar tie-break to the best of 10 points when they were in the fifth set of men 6-6, and the third – with 6 points. Decision was made after a general consultation between figures in the tennis field.

The director of the tournament, Craig Tiley, said: "We asked whether they did not want to give precedence over the past and present players, commentators, agents, and television analysts, and added: "We decided to collect 10 points in six games, in the last set, to make sure fans still have a special ending. Longer tiebreaker will continue to allow the last spin or tournament to change. "

In the cup individual prayers, they will close the best of seven points in the first four games at the score of 6-6. However go to the 10 best tiebreaker in the last set. At the same time, In women's, men's, women's and mixed-use pairs, a decisive set is 6-6, scoring 10 points.

All Argentinians are now awaiting the return of N5 in the world ranking, Juan Martn Del Potro In the first place When asked about Torre de Tandil's return, he doubts a few days: "I do not exclude the Australian Open, I'm trying to motivate me, I'm in history, and I'll figure out whether or not I'm going." This awakened the imagination of all the tennis fans waiting for the return of the Tandil.

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