Wednesday , October 5 2022

The other Superfinal: rapporteurs, commentators and all the details of Boca-River broadcasts


The Libertadores Cup will have the most important finale of his story with the confrontation between River and Mouth which will begin the following Saturday, November 10 at 17 in the Bombonera.

Television for Argentina and Latin America will be responsible Fox Sports, the official tournament badge. Mariano Clois will be the story and Diego Latton will be in the comments, with Marcello Benedetto and Matisse "Chiquito" García from the field of play.

The peculiarity is that you can also see the match in the encoded signal Fox Sport Premium, in which they will be able to see the event three different cameras at the same time: fight, aerial cameras to see tactical details and interaction with social networks. In total, they will be available 21 cameras counting it drone, fixed camera and two cranes.

Superfinal coverage on the two brands will start at 10 am with the presence of Alina Moine, Gustavo López and Germán Paoloski, among other journalists on the channel.


The radios will also play part of their party at this great finale with high-level rapporteurs and commentators.

• AM 530: Víctor Hugo Morales, Alejandro Apo and Alejandro Fabbri

• AM 910: Rodolfo De Paoli and Gustavo López

• AM 990: Martin Perazzo, Fernando Nimbero, Hato Weira and Aldo Proieto

• AM 790: Gabriel Anello and Gustavo Lombardi

• AM 590: Leonardo Gabes and Santiago Russo


The game generates great expectation across the globe and will therefore be broadcast at various points. Spain will be broadcast via the #Vamos channel (out of 21) and media United States The rights are responsible for Fox, so you will see them in different locations according to the area. In the Italy, Superfinal will only go through the premium DAZN channel (from 21:00).

Fox Sports will be responsible for broadcasting to Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia (all at 3pm), Uruguay and Chile (5pm).

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