Friday , September 30 2022

the prosecutor asked for uninterrupted for Farry and 18 years of imprisonment for Offidani


One of the most important crises in recent years in Mar del Plata is reaching the decisive stage. This Friday, the prosecutor Daniel Viseu led the first day of the memoirs in the trial by crime of Lucía Pérez and asked for his conviction eternal jail for Matis Phryas, 18 years in jail for Huan Pablo Offroad and they asked for it Alerjandro Maciel was acquitted.


In his request, which began around 10, prosecutor Vicente put the evidence to show that Farías was responsible for the crime of Lucia, which occurred on October 8, 2016. Vicente maintained the charge for the sale of drugs to minors and for abuse of sexual violence in a context of violence against women and gender.

First and as expected, after the experts revealed that the body of Lucía Pérez had been washed, the prosecutor Daniel Vicente withdrew Alejandro Maciel, who was accused of aggressive coverage.

This Monday, the trial will continue with the injured person's claim Gustavo Marceillac, on behalf of the Lucia family. One day later, on Tuesday, it will be the turn of the official defender Maria Laura Solari.

During the trial, testimonies of experts and witnesses weakened the case. For example, the forensic scientists have found that the reason why the teen died at the residence of the Akandilado neighborhood was "cocaine poisoning".

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