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The story of a young man with video star – 12/22/2018


In the age of professionalism, the Dutch player is superior to those who are more active in search of dollars and fame. Sven van de Wege, 32, is one of the eSports (electronic sports) scene leaders in Europe and his job is surprising to the world: He is blind for being six years old.

In the virtual game, "Sunnah Hell Sven" (blind fighter in English) and Sventhere are several tournaments Germany, France and Spain did all this Street Fighter V is the star of a video game among professionals, fight 1 and so on. Superior for 1 pure sound effects.

In 1992, an eye tumor lost sight of her at an early age. She was alone for months, counted as friends, and spent many days in the hospital. ""I went to be completely healthy, to go to school, to friends, to things to loveWhen I was ill, I could not go to class, my friends left, did not want to play with me, or did not know how to deal with me. "

This disability, which left him without resignation, did not stop him saves the voices of video games, and thus, it is possible to win visually attractive players in official competitions.

"I met a friend at Street Fighter in Nintendo, and when I heard the sound effects of the game, I heard everything that was happening on the screen, so I worked at home, but I was able to play well after a lot of practice," said the Dutchman.

A year after the loss of a seven-year-old boy, He started learning things again, "going to the street with a rush, reading Braille and even eating". You also have to dress alone and return to manage the joystick of your favorite video game.

"Learning to play again is an essential part of my salvation and recovery, which helps me to think about how I live, how to go to school, or how to accompany me. Every time I felt bad or sad, video game helped me"he says.

First eHe started playing against the computerFrom time to time a friend dared to challenge him, Sven "always won" because he was an expert and knew each of the voices that made every move of the game.

Initially, the technique he had acquired was Sven-driven character – he acted, attacked, jumped, or fled and was "slow" because he calculated what "every sound was", but now "everything is automatic" We must now translate the voice, but it simply reacts.

However, when the game was always refreshed, a new character was presented or simply an upgraded version of Sven had to start from scratch and learn all the sound effects. For this reason he was limited to the famous title of battlesfor several years he has been playing on the Internet against his rivals, even though they did not know that their casual opponent was blind.

His first international tournament last April was at Sonic Boom in Madrid.

"People saw that we were blind and did not understand what I was doing there. I tried to test them, and some people wanted to try it and beat it all. They were surprised to think that it was beautiful. People came to draw and talk with me, "he told EFE news agency.

That was the performance of the organizers to participate in the tournament he won his opponent, but "the most fun thing was April 1, the day of sin, and people thought he was violent and blind," he said.

Sven van de Wege, who is currently consulting with other blind players, helps developers become more accessible, do not hesitate to recommend "perseverance" he thinks it might hinder the blind to fulfill their desire to become a professional video camera.

Source: EFE

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