Monday , March 20 2023

The tears Lourdes Sánchez explained why he resigns from "Bailando 2018"


I was not planning to give the scoop. However, the question of Ángel de Brito was the triggering act Lourdes Sánchez he broke into tears and ended by announcing his resignation Dancing 2018

"How do you do the event?" It was all the driver wanted to learn it. LAM after recalling his "adage" for all the controversies he had this year on his way ShowMatch

Then Chato Prada's wife could not contain the tears. "Do not make me talk" was the first thing he managed to say. Then he continued, as if trying to justify a decision he had made beforehand. "I'm not nearly the valentine … It kills me, kills me, I like to work, I like to work but it's all day and I'm not with him," he said in relation to his two-year-old son.

This year, Lourdes had arranged a contract only to be the president of the BAR, along with Mariela Anchipi and Jorgito Moliniers. But two months ago, before the severe injury of Macarena Rinaldi, she was almost forced to dance again as a participant accompanying Diego Ramos. And, as he said, this "weighed a lot" about him.

So, for the surprise of all, Lourdes concluded by announcing that the rate of accuracy will be the last one he does before abandoning the event. "Yesterday I talked with Fede Hoppe, I put it this and Monday will be my last gala as a participant, I give up, no one knows yet, but I can not go on," the dancer concluded.

Obviously, many of her developers have expressed solidarity with the understanding of her mother's position. And Lourdes insisted that the only reason that led her to make this decision was her son. "I want to be with him, he comes out of his chest, his diapers and I want to be in this process." El Chato does not want to leave, he tells me that there is one month left, nothing more. Yesterday I was talking a lot, "the dancer explained.

Nevertheless, Lourd assured that he will continue to be a member of the BAR. And she announced that she would be replaced on the track, although she still does not know who she will be since Macarena is still unable to dance.

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