Thursday , June 8 2023

The young man shot dead at Las Heras – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


Nicolás Agustín Bogado Agüero (19), also known Costriti o Scab, died early Thursday after shooting head on Wednesday at Las Heras. The victim was hospitalized in the main hospital, a dead brain, so his parents asked him to do organs depilation. In June, his brother Enzo Bogado (22) was killed. The case, which is responsible for Homicide Attorney Horacio Cadile, has no prisoners.

According to the reconstruction, Kosty was joined to eat a barbecue at the house of a couple friend, who has his home in Block K of the aforementioned neighborhood. About 5 years ago, the boy decided to retire to reach his home, located in Block C.

Seconds later, his friends heard a series of gun shots. When they got out of the way, they found Bogado lying on the ground at the junction of the Álvarez Condarco and Libertad streets.

In this case, the Scab He was brought to Carrillo Hospital by his friends. When doctors told him they found that he had a sphere deposited in the temporal region of the skull and had lost brain mass, according to sources.

Due to the serious condition of the victim, the doctors chose to refer him to the Central Hospital in order to be able to take the necessary care. On Wednesday afternoon, he was diagnosed with stroke death, so his family ordered him to dissociate and donate their organs.

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