Monday , February 6 2023

They demand a leukemia for an eight-year-old girl for a desperate drug


A Sara he was diagnosed with it leukemia In 2014 and recently he had a new relapse. Eight-year-old girl Reina Fabiola from Córdoba has been a boarding house To continue with chemotherapy, urgently need a medication called Oncaspar 3750 U.

"Drug Held in Buenos Aires customs offices and is not known when released We need Friday"Wrote Facebook's Florencia Arguello & # 39; s mother on Facebook and immediately came out Twelve and you.

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"If anyone knows any dose until it is released, we will appreciate it." Communicate with me individually. We will search for Argentina's location"he said.

Sara's uncle announced this drug node needs to be treated for chemotherapy and is the fourth as it seems Reserved by ANMAT. "We need yes or yes till Thursday, this is a very difficult date, we are boundaries," said Agustín Arguello.

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""If chemotherapy is not good, bone marrow transplantation is needed. But you can not continue with this treatment without this medicine. We need to come here and then release, and we're filling it up. "

Contact the phone before any news 0351-155112777.

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