Wednesday , February 8 2023

They rewarded Argentine mammography designs that did not compress the breasts


In June, we told Argentine scientists that they are leading in diagnostic imaging mammograph, which is forced to use chronometers. Now it was a design Designed by the Balseiro Institute Took part in the 50K Business Plan Contest.

Initiative is a product A team of alumni Central National University of Buenos Aires, ESERP Business School (Spain), La Plata National University and San Luis National University.

Early warning used to draw pictures from infrared light. This result is a double benefitOn the one hand, you do not have to squeeze the breasts to get the result; on the other hand, the patient is exposed to radiation (but not minimal).

Anyway, Juan Pomarico – one of the investigators – assured the newspaper The day what is The aim of optical mammography is to provide traditional mammography, is the most effective method that detects abnormalities in the skin. "We want to offer a device that can be applied more easily to physicians' applications," he said. He also added that the device offers solutions in areas that are not covered by traditional mammography such as monitoring in young women.

The prize is 21,000 US dollars. It will be used to continue the development they are fully equipped with the first prototype. At the end of this phase, they will try to find out that the use of the laboratory together with the healthcare personnel is related to the office.

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