Tuesday , January 31 2023

This is a skating peak from this world: this is a Mars crater


krater korolev 2.jpg

Crater Corolev is 82 kilometers in diameter and depression, stores an ice disc that appears on Mars Express's High Definition Stereo Camera (HRSC), AEE's mission.

The photograph published last Thursday merged with five "stripes" held in different orbits and created a single picture. You can see that it's about shooting A well-preserved crater full of snow and ice.

The crater located on the northern slopes of Mars is a depression in the south of the Olympia Undae, a large dune speculative land covering a part of the northern polar red planet.

But how did an eternal ice break in the crater? For a "cold trap" under 2 kilometers of depression. The snow at the edge keeps the temperature low enough.

Photos from April 28, 2018.

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