Monday , February 6 2023

This is Mars's giant frozen crater – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


Last Thursday, the European Space Agency is, in fact, a huge iceberg, showing a huge crater that looks like a snowstorm, showing an image drawn by the Mars Express mission.

It appears to be a big trace of a virgin belly living in some desert environment. The truth is a snapshot captured by orbiter European Space Agency Mars Express (ESA) Corolev crater.

It is 82 km in width and is a good example of the well-preserved Mars crater, located in the northern mountains of Mars, very close to a large dune area known as the Undae.

The water level in the center of the caterer is 1.8 km thick. This frozen water reservoir forms a glacial ice that forms an ice-cold ice of about 2200 km3. According to a phenomenon, always called the "cold trap", there is a distance of 2 km between the location and the edge of the crater.

Mars Express mission started on June 2, 2003 and six months later reached the Red Planet. It entered orbit on 25 December on Mars, and this month has been 15 years since the launch of this ship's scientific program.

The mission's key investigator, Bruce Banerdt, emphasizes the importance of this achievement: "It's as important as opening on Mars on InSight:" "Seismometer is the top priority tool of InSightwe need to complete one-fourth of our scientific goals. "

The data recorded in this tool allows you to learn more about what happens on the surface of the Earth while analyzing seismic waves. When it reaches the level of seismometers, these data streams will begin to reach the ground, so Banerdt says, "a bottle of champagne is ready."

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