Wednesday , February 8 2023

Trump may hold the Federal Reserve for increased interest rates


Although the Federal Reserve (Fed, the Central Bank) did not disclose Powell's extradition, Presidential sources confirmed. CNN what is The student has already begun to learn whether the event is legitimate.

Powell's dismissal will have an impact not only on the US economy but also on the rest of the world. But now The rise in rates at Wall Street has already been feltThe worst weekly drop since 2008 was recorded.

Fearing to speak openly about the Fed's decision to respect its independence, Trump said this week that if the Central Bank increased its tariffs, the "wrong". But the committee did not see the president's words.

Wall Street's weekly fallouts consisted not only of the Fed, but also of the product Danger of Government Closure in Washington –, Trade war and prospects for economic slowdown with China.

Powell's release is a direct attack on the independence of the powerful Federal Reserve, which has never been seen in the country and plays an important role in the world's leading economy.

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