Wednesday , February 1 2023

Vicky Xipolitakis's birthday celebration: "The dream of picking candles with my baby has become real"


Vicky Xipolitakis with his closest relative, his comrades and, of course, his ten-year-old baby with his suicide bomber, Salvador Uriel. He said Teleshowalso attended Javier Naselli, is a son and wife of his son because he was subjected to sexual violence after a couple's argument last Tuesday.

According to his Instagram account, Vicky shared some of his celebration celebrations: the section was decorated balloons and cakes in the form of words. "Because I knew love with Salvador "he said.

"The most beautiful part was 12 I ran to find my son in the candle. I always wanted it, and that was the truth. My baby was very pleasant and close, "he said, and was happy to be alive.

Although the nucleus does not appear in pictures, the star is "the baby's father also " birthday celebration.

"Thank you for your wonderful birthday, your family and friends, and I love you … This princess made me queen. What can I give you, baby, you love me … #PrimerCumpleConVosBb #SosMiMejorRegalo "wrote Greeck language One of your images on your Instagram account.

On Tuesday, Vicky met Naselli in his apartment in Recoleta. Because of this conflict, 911 will be called "verbal violence""Police officers went home and accompanied the businessman until they left the place.

One day, Viki spoke to the press and said, "Everyone is good, unfortunately, this has been moved." Then they came to the Santarorio Otamendi speech and went to the baby's pediatric consultation on December 12 without giving testimonials on the 911 call.

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