Tuesday , January 31 2023

VIDEO: The high resolution of photos allows you to see people eating hundreds of meters away


The 360-degree panoramic photograph taken from the Chinese pillars of the East Pearl Tower in Shanghai has recently become a virus.

The photo taken 230 meters above the Canadian journalist Tracy Lindman on Tuesday was popular warning You can see this high resolution when enlarging the look of your Twitter account what are they eating? listeners of street restaurants, as well facial expressions Drivers and drivers hundreds of feet away from the camera.

The journalist first suggested that the image was taken over by a satellite using a cosmic technology, but when the Shanghai News Bureau invited him to photograph it, the city was actually acquired by the Chinese company Jingkun Technology or BigPixel in 2015

The image has a solution 195 gigapixelsAccording to the company, with a photo The highest resolution in Asia.

The resolution of digital cameras and smartphones is usually measured in megapixels or 1 million pixels, so a 12 megapixel camera, for example, can produce only 12 million pixels. But in this case gigapixels, that is, 1000 million pixels.

In fact, the panorama consists of many small images combined together fusion technology pictures, Fossbytes report. The project created a great interest in the world and once a year visited 8.2 million visitors. Now the world has become a business card of Shanghai.

Photographing not only captured the city landscape, but also made the exact day and night situation with the second and her heroes. Some people knew those who were loved by many others. ""I think I saw my dad"shared a user.

Others did not shy away from jokes about the scenes that the camera had taken: "I found the following traffic accident"he says.

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