Monday , February 6 2023

"What's the difference between Darthés and …?" Nora Cárpena is even sharper!


She is a prominent actress and panelist, one of America's most successful programs Nora Cárpena. I was in a well-known radio program, and I can not avoid talking to the two media actors: Thelma Fardin and Juan Darthés. Nora spoke, she made a strong comment and surprised the program's own speakers.

When it comes to the strike, and a striking comparison, Juan Darthés and Hector "El Bambino" Veira discovered the coincidences condemned by Sebastian Candelmon at the age of 13. The guest added: "It hurt me very much, because the names of people surprised me, because I had no idea I did not talk about Darthés's special job, because I did not know him and did not work with him but I was very surprised I had many friends working together, and I was also surprised. "

nora carpena

"From the very beginning nobody was forbidden to speak, but you were not listened to, and things were not concealed and necessary measures were taken, but we have to act with gentlemen who abuse the little boys." The abused children were unable to speak, violent or insulting men also knew the whole country and should be encouraged to deny the incident with the football coach, for example: Everyone continues to make Malena Candelmo Bambino Veira television programs and nobody takes him out of the arena, "said the panelist.

When asked about her feelings about Tatiana Shapiro and Horacio Marmurekin, she replied, "He tries to protect his own life and his children, but in Brazil, I am deeply sorry about what a family is doing. It is a very frustrating situation. "

Finally, she gave her an idea of ​​pressure in the world of career and entertainment and said, "Maybe I was protected by men, my father was a very respected actor, and my mother was an actress, and that's a mistake, because I have to keep the name of her husband or father." It ended with a strong support for the actress team: "It seems to me that there are people who work hard all the time, and that is a force."

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