Saturday , August 20 2022

WhatsApp is developing a new feature to stop voice recording: how it works


WhatsApp works constantly improvements is filtered from the beta version of the application, and in this way we know in advance what will happen in the future. In this case, the developers of the Facebook-owned service a sound recording stop function.

Special portal WABetaInfo posted a video you can see How innovation works: pressing the red button stops recording the volume button, which can be continued by touching the same button that becomes the microphone.

The feature discovered on the platform is not yet available for beta testers using a trial version of the messenger.

What distinguishes this option is probability Record the sound in parts and send it as a single file, without the need to make separate notes.

Optimize towing

Another innovation that WhatsApp works with is power Manage the size of message backups, backup. With this new option, the user will be able to exclude a number of special files, such as documents, photos, audios or videos.

At the moment WhatsApp backups do not take up space on Google Drive, where they are stored as standard. However, this new feature is speculative, and many users note that in the short term, backups may begin to consume part of the memory provided by the platform.

You will be able to choose which files to include in the backups. (WABetaInfo)

From whom WABetaInfo They believe that Google can provide a limited amount of free 2000 MB per user. If the file is larger, it will occupy part of the Drive quota.

WhatsApp 2022: news prepared by the application

The world’s most widely used messaging app will introduce new features starting next year when the same account is expected to be used on four devices at the same time; malicious message function; other than to hide information from certain users; and transcription of voice messages.

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