Wednesday , February 8 2023

Who is the Three Tea Champion deprived of celebrations in Monumental?


Monumental stadium celebrates its worthy celebration, after the last behind Libertadores Cup He moved to Madrid. This afternoon, tens of thousands of fans are "millionaires" marks its title against Boca at Stadium. They do it in front of their players and their technical bodies and leaders.

However, The champion is not all players because three of them travel abroad Celebrating Christmas with their families. About Franco Armani, Born in casillas, living in Colombia for many years, Juan Fernando Quintero and Rafael Santos Borre.

Three river players were the key to getting the fourth Copa Libertadores history.

The competition is the main sequence in the Bombonerra, which is an extremely effective cover against Darwin Benedetto and, in all competitions, especially in the first finals. Juanfer, striker in Madrid, Santos Borre is one of the strikers.

Franco Armani, Juan Fernando Quintero and Rafael Santos Borre should attend the preparations for the first days of January, although the last two proposals will evaluate the proposals and continue their career abroad.

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