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Why WhatsApp started blocking sending messages to more than five people – 12/22/2018


What is? WhatsApp During the release, a messaging platform for mobile devices, its use (and constant upgrades) led to communication being an indispensable tool, a big black hole is a lie. But at least Facebook owner has started to take steps to prevent chains spread and aggression.

If you try to send a message to someone for some reason, you may have failed to do so. The reason for this WhatsApp latest update for Android, will soon be applied to the iPhone, contains a limit to the number of times a message will be sent: total 5.

Although some apparent anxiety appears to be an attempt to prevent the spread of abuse and aggression. In fact, we are reporting that a message is closely following the same goal. But with this new event, bulletin diffusers will further aggravate their message.

The message should be stored on the phone if it's a photo or video, and should be sent back as a new message. And text messages should be copied and pasted to send as a new message. This will avoid partial compulsive shipmentwithout thinking of the facts we have obtained.

WhatsApp has started to stop spreading lies. (Photo: REUTERS)

WhatsApp has started to stop spreading lies. (Photo: REUTERS)

Measure also the use of the application for political parties will be challenging and transmit information to other organizations. Undoubtedly, sending mammals will also be partly stopped. Viral messaging is not expected to stop completely.

Please note that the transmission of messages is activated in 2018. Thereafter, sending viral messages in the messaging program is more consolidated.

And then we should not forget lynxing was in India WhatsApp has restricted the sending of messages to Asian countries by the kidnapping chain. It was one of the measures, and even the press appeared.

Anyway, even if this is a small stepFor the first time, WhatsApp is trying to prevent the spread of lies through the application. Will we take more precautions to mislead you? Yes, it is possible. Of course, no matter how widespread the use of WhatsApp, the platform's criticism is intensifying.

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