Tuesday , January 31 2023

Will it explain the origin of the dark matter? See how they spread. they find a way for them


Mireya Montes, a Spanish astrophysics expert at the University of New South Wales, said she found a way to distribute the dark matter in the galaxy clusters used for Thursday. for explore the ultimate nature above mentioned topic.

"We found a lot of spotlight on galaxy clusters intrusive lightIt's a map of how the dark matter is spreading, "said Montes, a leading author of a study recently published in the Monthly Notes magazine of the Royal Astronomical Society of the United Kingdom.

Over the past few decades, astronomers have sought to inform the true nature of the dark matter-the mysterious matter, about 85% of the matter in the universe, and its distribution in the universe.

Montes, along with his colleague from the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute, uses Spanish revolutionary Ignacio Trujillo, Use only deep pictures. This regime can help to understand the invisible source of weight.

What is the intracular light?

Intracallular light is a product of interactions between light galaxies. During these interactions, individual stars are deprived of their own galaxies and filtered freely in the cluster. After being released from their galaxies, most of the mass of the mass live in the form of dark matter.

"The fact that dark matter is such an excellent scout in a group of galaxies of intraclumular light is also the result of the gravitational potential of the cluster itself, which creates the dark matter and the intrinsic light. they follow the same violence"Said Montes.

According to the results of the study, using the deep visual observations of the galaxy clusters, astrophysicists were able to accurately map where the dark matter is.

"We have found a new way to look where the dark matter is, because we are watching the same attraction potential, a very bright glow, the light of the dark matter," he told the scientist.

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