Monday , February 6 2023

Ximena Rijel, an actress insulting Quique Estevanez: I'm not lie and I'm not sure


Last week, the abolition of another public opinion for abuse of power in the media, Thelma Fardin.

Who spoke now? Ximena Rijel, Took part in a special event in 2013 "Love Love" With the character of Marilyn. Facebook charges Rijel Quique Estevanez Instead of employing the government to commit abuse and aggression.

"I was an old girlfriend from Dulce amor Sebastian Estevanez, started writing other books I was in, and I was called to meet with Enrique Estevanez, and as my participation did not take part in the game My participation ended" he was connected.

Then Juan Darthés promised. "If they had the power to get actress from a novelist, why did not they talk about the producer of this novel?" From Enrique Estevanez, we all know how he manages himself and that actresses want him to play. A good thing about these topics is the end of impunity for some people " he pointed out

Rijel also said he was a victim of a representative and said he was doing more than anything after these two episodes.

And in dialogue, Rijel reiterated his testimony and said he would file a lawsuit Justice: "I wrote a job on Facebook, and I want to know what's going on in my job. But if I deny what I say, I will do it legally. "

"I have to lie and I will not doubt what I say, I am not a media man and this is not my dream. What I wrote was that I hope once and for all the working conditions are changing and some impunity will end " said.

Finally, he clarified: "I know that Sebastian is coming out (Estevanez) I did not see to speak, and I understand that he is going to defend his father, but I want to run away from it. There is nothing better than nothing else to talk about. "

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