Tuesday , October 4 2022

You see the leash! Jennifer Lopez's peculiar look for her new video clip



There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez (49) is one of the most celebrated celebrities and is copied by Hollywood and is not for less. The artist always stands out for his bold and bold clothes on the red carpet, either with impressive clothes, a deep neckline or tight dress that highlights her shape, though sometimes slipping. Some of these seem somewhat controversial and difficult to imitate.

We saw her a few months ago wearing impressive boots, which at a quick glance looked like a jeans that dropped to the ankles. Are they boots? Are pants? These were the questions that sparked this excellent Versace design that became a virus on networks. The effect of "baggy jean" (wide and large trousers) was given by keeping the legs together. The singer combined them with a white XL shirt and nothing else so he did not get them out.

The new look chosen by the Puerto Rican woman who has lived in the United States for years is a trend in the networks. She is super sexy and bold, but we doubt very much that everyone can imitate him. A white artistic platform, a lot of necklaces and bracelets made of gold and silver, an ultra-gray pants with a super ultra-low shot and … the underwear in front of everyone. The big question is, is it part of the pants? Because they are the same, the same gray square fabric.

As Vogue magazine revealed, she is a set of Ukrainian designer Natasha Zinko selected by JLo to record her next video in Miami Beach (Florida) with DJ Khaled.

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