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Darts: Gary Anderson refuses to stumble on the stage, blames his opponent ****** g – video


Former world champion Gary Anderson denied accusations (Picture: Getty)

Former world champion Gary Anderson refuses to stumble on stage during a fight and says he thought his opponent was "sh * t himself".

Anderson's victory against Wesley Harms at the Vella's Grand Slam on Friday was overshadowed by accusations of bitterness.

The players were blamed for each other about the "rotten smells" on stage during a fight that Anderson won 10-2 to advance to the quarterfinals of the match.

Speaking after the defeat, Dutch star Harms accused Anderson of breaking the wind by saying: "It will take me two nights to lose that smell from my nose."

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Anderson, 47, said: "I thought he had a sh * t. I thought he had guarded the scene.

"You can put your finger over a **, there will be no smell there. I thought she had sh * t. It was dirty. It was dirty.

"I swear to my children's life [it wasn’t me]. But it was smelly. If I had a fuss, I would put my hands on and I would admit it.

"It was eggs. Sweet eggs. Each time he walked, there was a multitude of rotten eggs.

"If someone has done that they have to see a doctor".

The former world number one Anderson won his first World Championship in 2015 and defended the title next year.

The Scotsman finished as the runner-up behind Michael van Gerwen in 2017.

Anderson faces German Michael Unterbuchner in the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam of Darts on Saturday night.

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