Tuesday , May 30 2023

Excellent island over North Queensland, like O-cay


Ask Wikipedia exactly what the cay is and will say "a sandy island on the surface of the coral reef".

Pretty good information for us who are cautious about Wikipedias. It also tells us that "keys" or "keys" may be, but rather we can say what it looks like, "cay".

We walked to Sudbury Cay where it is not quite familiar, but as we suggest it is a sandy island … it's about 2 hours to fly to Cairns.

Sudbury Cay, Big Coral Reef antenna.

Sudbury Cay, Big Coral Reef antenna. Tourism Tropical North Qld

I saw the pictures of the glorious cay, a glittering white spot of sand that floats quietly around the deep and lively blue ocean around a clear aqua water. It looked like an image that was photographed. It was too fine to be real.

But we were there when we were passing by a river from a Cairns, along the mangrove, along an estuary where they told us that a crocodile was being cut off by banks (I did not really like it).

A small station on Mission Bay and Turtle Bay, astonished at the huge rock formations on the beach, huge dreamy statues that sink from charge, some with their small shapes to balance their peaks … all in the background of the Murray Prior Range mountains, shaded colors of the mauve and green, infinitely impressive with the unique Australian beauty. Turtles are here.

Green turtle swim in the Great Barrier Reef.

Green turtle swim in the Great Barrier Reef. Tourism Tropical North QLD

The wait was high. So untouched beauty, so close to Cairns – the velvety blue ocean against the green rainforest – is so spectacular and natural people who can travel happily from the other side of the world to see it for just a day.

Then they headed to Fitzroy Island, where rainforests meet the reef as tourists tell us, an easy-to-reach island from Cairns with a regular ferry. Maritime life, walking paths, modest hotel, water sports … family friendly.

It was a temptation to stop at one of the public stipulations and jump into the deep blue water, but on a mission Sudbury Cay and the floating colors had a charm on the corner.

The approach was bigger than expected. First, the sight of the distant puppy, the deep blue of the ocean, white sand, and the turquoise stone of the lake with the sand-bottomed water ribbon.

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island, Cairns.

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island, Cairns. Tourism Tropical North Qld

"Is this real?" the first thought. It's a postcard, a calendar, a tourist brochure. Nothing can be that delicious. But this. Ideally, this place is the only one, but usually there are more boats in the water and nobody wants to share.

Ten minutes to get out of the boat – food, wine, champagne, chairs, umbrellas, fishing rods – and just sitting and wondering.

Bombay-Gin is clear of white sandy water. Warm. Clean. Clean.

They float in this unique water, look slowly at the fish: the coral purse, the black-pointed reef shark, the long tail, the vagabond emperor. We do not think we need a breathing pipe.

Bitter behavior, disbelief, that anything untouched, is so simply glorious.

We were on a private boat, but there are tiny charter flights that take us twice a day – not so comfortable that there are more backpack sailing, where a free public berth must connect a distance from the bar and passengers get in and swim to the shore. There is also a merchant vessel that stops at sunset every Friday evening at Sudbury Cay, where the crew is off the good wishes before the passengers sit down, sit, sip and absorb the beauty of the sunset … and they probably think "it's real ? '


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