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Grasswood threatens homes, a storm in the suburbs takes a wild day


While firefighters, State Emergency Services, and NSW Country Firemen fought on the flames on Friday afternoon, there was a severe storm, leading to winds of up to 90 km / h but little rain.

The SES has responded to more than 100 requests for assistance, including reports of fallen trees and power outages. Winds also damaged the Hangar Roof at Fairbairn near Canberra Airport.

The storm caused a 10-degree temperature and a one-two-millimeter rain in 30 minutes, "a little long," Mr. Lane told ABC Canberra.

"It was a good afternoon, as it turned out, it would have been a lot worse," he said.

Though a storm brought rain to the area affected by fire, Mr. Lane said he waited for the fire to rise during a night before it was prevented.

"We will work hard in the next 12 hours to see how far we can get into the fire. We're not sure we'll be going tonight, so we'll do more work tomorrow, and you'll know what's going to be ready today "said Mr. Lane.

The weekend forecast was milder than the last two days, which gave the firefighters confidence in the loosening conditions.

The meteorological office is expected to have an average wind speed of up to 30 km / h until Tuesday, while the 40 km / h averages and 90 km / h rocket fire fighters are slightly postponed at the end of this week.

In spite of uncertainty, the rating for fire risk is expected to remain very high on Saturday, but no full fire protection ban is expected to be expected.

Mr Lane says the agency has 35 tankers on the scene, and 40 units fired on the fire and used bulldozers and graders to place the tanks. Five helicopters were used on site fire and two large air conveyors from Sydney.

During the day, Emergency Emergency Services have provided 400-700 residents in the outskirts of Kambah, Greenway, Bonython and Gordon to take precautionary measures to make sure people do the bushfire plans.

During the day, emergency services encouraged people in the areas that were missing in Canberra to make sure their fire plans were in place and were ready to come into force if necessary.

Early in the day, 150 students evacuated from the Birris Outdoor School and went to the Miles Franklin School.

The Galilean School was evacuated around 11.00, but all other schools were normally left open.

Though not required to evacuate horses, many Canberrans were in the early stages and took the animals to the Canberra Exhibition Park and the Rivett Neighborhood Oval.

The residents blew the roof and cleaned the canals, and the wet towel in the bathtub and the packaging of the cars.

Many criminals on Friday said that the 2003 fires' memories were fresh in their minds.

"We are very big at the moment," said Aaron Hale, head of operations at the Kambahi Eternity Church. The original building of the church was destroyed in 2003.

The fire began on Thursday night when a car was set on Laurel Camp Road in Pier Creek Creek. It grew to 113 hectares in one day and more than 25 appliances flashed during the night. Mr. Lane said the fire was the cause of the police.

He told journalists that, due to the extremely dry conditions, firefighters were faced with circumstances similar to those of the 2003 fire when four people died and nearly 500 homes were lost. He was afraid that people had been smug for 16 years since the fire, but now it was time for them to act.

"It's a strong commemorative community, ACT citizens, it's time to be ready," he said.

"Download the bushfire survival plan from the ESA website, take note of the information, keep up-to-date the ESA website for warnings and alerts, and download the Fires Near Me application.

"If this is the taste of what we are dealing with, it will be a very long summer for the firefighters."

Sally Whyte at The Canberra Times reporter for the public service.

Sherryn Groch is the reporter for The Canberra Times, with special regard to education and social affairs

Finbar O Mallon at The Canberra Times reporter

Megan Doherty is the Canberra Times reporter

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